Vrischika Rashiphal 2014 – 2015

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Scorpio or Vrischika Rashi will have a positive attitude throughout the year 2014. You will be energetic, cordial and spiritual this year. You may get acquainted with a highly influential person. Education and studies will be fruitful. Do not be hasty in your decisions. Health will need some extra attention.

scorpio 2014

You will strive to be truthful and dependable to your near ones. If you are in a profession that calls for creativity, you will rise to a higher position this year. The Vrishchika or Vritchik creativity and skills would be appreciated. You can avail of lucrative opportunities by being a little flexible.

2014 is a year which promises multiple opportunities for every Scorpion. It would give you a slow start with precarious and volatile commencement but gradually in middle of the year your life will take a tremendous pick up. Reckless Vrishchika Rasi are requested to be a little more disciplined and responsible this year. Being more intuitive and intelligent than average people, you can bring some miraculous changes in different spheres of your life.

Cease the habit of harping on the same issue and manage to conclude your works on time, you will be rewarded right after the completion of each work. First get acquainted to all the new rules, regulations and conditions, don’t jump into conclusions and take each step after thinking carefully. Don’t waste time running after your enemies in 2014!

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