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Virgo Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Virgo Horoscope Predictions For 2014

Social butterfly is not the usual description of the Virgo zodiac sign, but the 2014 Virgo horoscope predicts that with you being invited to every event you may have been surprised with how social you have been. This is due to Jupiter in the House of Friends and Groups. 2014 will be a year of learning. Financial budgeting will be required. Stress will be at an all time high.

virgo horoscope


Jupiter may not only encourage friends to help you find the perfect match but you may do some matchmaking yourself. For Virgos who have their mate, there may a tendency to help connect businesses rather than lovers. Your friends are keeping an eye on you and should you be doing anything that is less than good for you, well you are going to hear about it.

Be careful of what you say to your lover and friends since miscommunication can end relationships and friendships in 2014. Friends you make this year will be with you forever and your special someone may be there too. September 25 is a day made for lovers to spend it together, suggest your 2014 love astrology predictions.

About the middle of June the pace of life slows. Jupiter has entered your House of Secrets. If you have someone special you may prefer to spend time curled up in private rather than going out.

virgo horoscope


Jupiter will continue to be by your side until Mid-June of 2014.This has you Virgo, truly enjoying people and groups. You will be investigating new things to do and groups in areas that interest you. The people coming into your life will be especially intriguing.

Relations with siblings my lead to disappointments, and there could be disagreements with neighbors. Your ability to write an encouraging letter or an agreement at this time can lead to good things. In November you might propose, or perhaps announce a new arrival.


The 2014 Virgo career horoscope predicts that this is a time of introspection, a review of the self, and resolution in some areas. Get over old situations at work and business and learn from your mistakes. A colleague who had been promoted may recall your good help along the way and repay you in kind. The close of the year will be a quieter time as Jupiter goes retrograde. You will find it pleasant to feel more or less on your own, even in a crowd. Relax now. Group activities will be the highlight of 2014, predict the 2014 Virgo forecasts. Career and learning will open up new avenues.

2014Saturn has been in your House of Communications since 2012 and will leave in December 2014. Much of this time has been spent renewing skills and learning about new things. Beat back your fear Virgo and learn how to use the newest gadget the Ipad, the GPS and so on; the negatives of not learning far outweigh the cost of beating back your fear.

In the learning experience there are two main groups that are involved here: those who are great students and those who just get by. Some may have failed on work they were doing because they do not have the ability to use the Internet and social media. Those who have worked on these skills are now leading the class.

Strangely this transit can leave people feeling really down or with their sense of security depleted. This course however, will teach you to just know when something is right. There can be real benefits from leaning, be it a new language or another skill. The time for learning in NOW!


Financial horoscopes for 2014 predict that you will need to take stock of your monetary position. Do not forget to keep your expenses in tandem with your income.


Stress related health ailments might affect the Virgo sun sign this year. Do not neglect any kind of health issue be it major or minor. Sleep is essential for healing your inner self.

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