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Career Tula Rashi 2014

This year, the Libra or Tula Rashi people should avoid thinking too much about instant success. Be more realistic in 2014. If you have anything in mind, say it.

Communicate with your professional associates and authorities. You will be heard. Rewards won’t come without efforts this year.If you put in hard work, you can be promoted to a higher position in mid-2014.

You would be inspired by your colleagues to do something meaningful in the last quarter of the year. Don’t be overconfident about yourself. Keep your vanity under control. Make the most of your resources. Avoid misunderstandings at work. Don’t let your seniors be skeptical about you.

Libra or Tula Rasi career forecasts 2014 indicates your career improvement and professional prosperity. If you have an exam to sit for or interviews to face, planets favor you success, especially in the earlier months of the year. Students who come under this sign of the zodiac are sure to shine in studies. Management and IT students with Tula sign may find overseas job opportunities.

Jupiter is positioned in favour of the Libra natives this year. Work pressure may increase in the months of April, May and June. You may experience delay in results. But, what you get is not less than what you deserve forecasts the 2014 Tula Rashiphal. The last quarter of the year brings money-making opportunities for the Librans. To turn these opportunities into reality, all you need to do is to be speculative before you take any serious decision.

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  1. Anand

    am not having job for the last 3 years and where ever I have applied and attended interviews everything goes well till the CEO level but later i don’t get any positive result.
    I want to know what is going wrong seriously as I have a house loan to repay month on month.
    DOB———MAY 15,1973
    TOB———05:10 AM

  2. suvendu ghosh

    dear sir,
    i am tula rasi date of birth 6 sept 1970, 9.30pm . i am businessman but last 2.5 year business condition is bad pls help.

  3. sanjay

    I will try march 2015 visitor visa

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