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Karka Rashifal 2015

The Karka Rashi 2015 predictions for individuals born under the zodiac of Cancer forecast that the overall success rate will be above average during the year. Read More

Karka Rashifal 2014 – 2015

2014 KARKA Predictions For: Family | Career | Money | Love | Health It is the Karka Rasi who are going to experience the most unique year in 2014. No other sign of the zodiac is going to be so unpredictable as that of Cancer. Considering the planetary patterns in case of the Kark natives, it cannot be simply said that 2014 would be good for you, or you are going to experience tough times in this year. Read More

April 2014 Karka Rashifal

Forecast for Karka Rashi people promises help from devoted friends in times of troubles which will be plenty. Read More

Karaka Rashiphal For March 2014

Karka Rashi people will enjoy a harmonious March 2014 with improvement in social standing. Read More

Karka Rashiphal For February 2014

Karka Rashi predictions for 2014 February forecast a month when you will be successful in all your ventures. Career will be excellent. Relationship with friends and family will improve. Health should be looked after. Read More

Karka Rashifal For January 2014

January 2014 Karka Rashiphal predicts that this month will bring a lot of good fortune and luck for people born under this zodiac sign. This is an excellent month to be with you friends and family. Socializing, picnics, outings with children are all on the cards. Read More

Karaka Rashifal 2014 – Health

Diabetes and obesity are likely to victimize the Karaka Rashi (Cancer) in 2014. Take regular care of your health otherwise you can also become a victim of minor diseases like cold or flu. Pay attention to your mental health as well. Read More

Karaka Rashiphal 2014 – Money

Don’t make hasty decisions even if you have to in 2014. Karaka Rashi (Cancer star sign) will be rewarded for your tireless efforts and excellent performance. Though your finances would be better off for most of the year, you must keep an eye on your expenses and don’t make investment plans without proper research. Read More

Karaka Rashifal 2014 – Love & Relationships

For Karaka Rashi (Cancer) lovers, this year will be smooth as satin. Your partner will overall be supportive. Don’t make hurried decisions when it comes to your love life. Read More

Vrishabha Rashifal 2014 – Health

You must keep yourself fit and healthy throughout 2014. Workload will always be there, but it’s not a good idea to stop giving your health the care it deserves. If you have any addiction, this is the year to try real hard to quit it. Read More

Karaka Rashiphal 2014 – Career & Business

This year is likely to be favorable for the career of Karaka Rasi (Cancer) people. But you have to put your 100% to your work. Avoid starting new projects in the first few months of 2014. Read More

Karaka Rashi – Cancer

Compassionate, devoted, creative, sensual, visionary, simple, shy, adaptable and caring. But their denial to believe, suspicion, and excessive insecurity can lead to trouble sometimes. Read More