Rohini Nakshatra Predictions 2015


2015 Rohini Nakshatra Predictions

 If you are born in Rohini Nakshatra, you are soft-spoken and religious. Honesty, dedication, charisma and creativity are the words that describe your personality the best, according to your 2015 birth star predictions.


  1. gayathri

    mine date of birth is 18/7/1990 and my nakshatra is rohini and vrushaba rashi. Can u tell me ll i get the job this year.

    • anupam

      I want to know when my marriage will take place and about my carrier

  2. anupam

    I want to know when will I get job and when I will get marry

  3. S Venkatakrishna

    I am Rohini start birth time 5 AM date 19th Dec 1953. Frantically searching for a job though well qualified and talented unable to get one… what is the reason. When will it click. Also,no sex since 14 years. Is there any chance for an affair?? I am desperate.

  4. Joseph Kavunga

    Is 2015 favorable to me? What is my Rashiwhat? My date of Birth is 7th July 1945. My Nakshatra is Rohini. Can you tell me how 2015 will be for me?

  5. Joseph Kavunga

    Can you tell me how 2015 will be for me? My date of birth is 7th July 1945.

  6. Ammu Mohanan

    21 dec 1988 whn I will get marry

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