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Pisces Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Pisces Horoscope Predictions For 2014

pisces horoscopeThe Pisces horoscope 2014 forecasts that Jupiter has been in your house of love and creativity since late June 2013 and he has been asking you to enjoy life. Pisces the workaholic will retain Jupiter through mid-July 2014 and this transit will make you understand that you need to take time out, relax and enjoy life. You need to feel love and affection to understand the joy of relationships.


The Pisces who are still single are likely to meet their true one in the beginning part of the year according to 2014 Pisces love astrology forecasts. A Pisces who is in a relationship may discover that she is pregnant and be delighted with this discovery. For the married, this is a time of great bonding. You will be blessed with love on 18 April when Venus interacts with Jupiter to create an amazing transformation in your life. This is a special day in your year. It is designed to allow you to revamp both looks and spirit and this may make you especially lovable.

When the opportunity arises enjoy even a brief break from home on May 24. This break may help you to renew your relationship with your partner. A single Pisces may even meet someone rather super. Do not let your inhibitions spoil your relationships.


Be aware of possible Karmic connections while enjoying a day with the children on both May 6 and June 8. You may have been working away from home or caring for one who needs your help.  Should a holiday not be possible you may find that you are very effective in dealing with a legal issue or a published piece of work. About November 13 when Venus is happy with Saturn you would enjoy being away with special friends.

pisces horoscope 2014


That grindstone is never far away and Pisces zodiac people feel that they have been goofing around a little. Jupiter in Leo in your house of work and health makes sure that there will be competition among you and your colleagues to do the best ever work. That family member who never quite fit in may be the one to pass you some really exciting opportunities about 23 July.

Career predictions 2014 show that you will meet interesting suppliers and colleagues who may actually be a lot of fun to be around. You will take this time to gain new skills and to promote what you are doing within your company. Headhunters may be trying to recruit you for a different role. You could do some freelance work or decide to work for yourself.

Jupiter is retrograde through much of December 2014 and there will be delays in anything that is happening at that time. You may find that a job you were looking for will not be available until the early part of 2015. Misunderstandings need to be avoided.

With Saturn in your house of travel since October 2012 where he will remain through December it is likely that all trips you undertake will be for business obligations rather than pure fun. Any travel during this time will be taken to complete a duty.

Pisces may also be dealing with a long-term legal issue or trying to complete a degree.  Any publishing you may have been involved with will also have been tangled in delays. While Saturn is retrograde in March through July avoid, as much as possible; deadlines, legal requirements and travel but even outside of those dates you can expect delays and false starts.

Money / Finance

Proper planning can help the Pisces make the right financial decisions in 2014. Budget your needs and spend accordingly otherwise nothing will ever be enough. Long term investments may give you less returns than expected.



Jupiter in the house of health gives you some tough time, so says the Pisces health astrology predictions 2014. Fitness may become a real session. You may choose something like walking with the dog. Trying Zumba or possibly even a boot camp is not a bad idea if you’re really enthusiastic. Some Pisces may choose to walk while others might turn to black crunch skiing. Should you have diet concerns a spot may be able to help. 24 July will be a fabulous day for you and it’s a good start to change your exercise routines.

The 2014 Pisces horoscope predictions forecast a year of enjoyment and work. Control your finances and health and you will have a great year.

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