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Mithuna Lagna – Gemini Rising

The ruling planet is Mercury.

Mithuna Lagna is also known as Mithun Lagna, Gemini Rising, Gemini Ascendant.


gemini2Mercury gives a highly flexible personality. Mithuna Lagna persons can easily fit into different circumstances with ease and even appear different to different persons from time to time. Instinctively they change their conduct from people to people and from time to time.

Impact of Mercury is seen in every aspect of personality of these people. Mithun Lagna people are wavering in their behavior and there appears to be a lag between their actions and thinking. Though different actions will be attempted by them simultaneously, concentration on any specific job is not apparent.

Communication and fluent talking will be their major characteristics. Gemini ascendant individuals tend to be inquisitive on all subjects and will be ready to impart their knowledge to interested people. Even when they are ignorant of a particular topic, they appear to be mentally aware of the whole spectrum.

People born in Gemini Rising are more realistic in their approach to life and are good in financial analysis. Even in friendship they look for profit to both but because of their innate nature, they tend to change their social contacts very often. Mercury makes them move around the world a lot, and they become more knowledgeable and lively. They have good creative instincts.


Gemini people do not face any major fitness problems. Likely health problems will be related to respiratory organs and lever. Physically injury to hands and lungs are probable.


In marital matters, they are not particular about commitment and look for more independence. Their spouses may expect more devotion and physical attachment.


They will be capable of making large sums of money but fail to restrict their spending. This will result in more financial liabilities.


Suitable professions are as Businessman, Educationist, Scientist, or Judge. They should be careful about their honesty in whatever they do.

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