Mithuna Rashiphal 2014 – 2015

MITHUN Rashi Predictions For: Family | Career | Money | Love | Health

Mithuna Rashiphal 2015 Now Online!

The year 2014 is a promising one for Gemini or the Mithuna Rashi sign. Most of your past endeavours will yield remarkable results. You’ll find this year incredibly rewarding and generous for you. Health will be good if you take some necessary precautions.

gemini horoscope

You’ll be vibrant the whole year with a lot of confidence and strong-will. Family and friends will give the Mithun Rasi people a lot of love and respect.

Of all the signs of in the zodiac, Gemini natives are found to have a mixed bag as far as the annual 2014 Rashifal is concerned. The end of last year was not so good especially for your career. Things start changing gradually as 2014 unfolds.

It is not that you are going to have good times all of a sudden. But you would experience mixed results with prospects of long term gain. Jupiter shifting to the 9th House will make situations favorable for you.

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    भविष्यफल लेखन में बहुत ही स्पष्ट भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है और ज्योतिष की सामान्य जनता के लिए अबूझ सी भाषा से बचा गया है |इसके लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद और साधुवाद !
    मिथुन राशि वालों का भविष्य २०१४ में अच्छा दीख रहा है |
    मिथुन राशि को gemini लिखना क्या ठीक है ? चन्द्र राशि और सूर्य राशि तो अलग -अलग ही प्रायः होती है |जैसे मेरी चन्द्र राशि मिथुन है किन्तु किन्तु सूर्य राशि aquarious है |
    चंद्र राशि और सूर्य राशि को प्रायः भविष्यफल में स्पष्ट नहीं किया जाता है और लोग भ्रमित रहते हैं |

    • myrashi_usrrashi

      This is all Vedic astrology, we have only given corresponding English names for easier understanding.


        अगर लेख की शुरुआत में ही ( शीर्षक के साथ ) बता दिया जाये की भविष्यफल चन्द्र राशि पर आधारित है , तो पाठक भ्रमित होने से बच जायेंगे |मिथुन का मतलब mithun , न कि gemini !

  2. md Hasan Raza

    happy new year 2014 to everyone

  3. bhuvana

    13/07/1988 date of birth

    mithunam rasi punarpoosam natchathiram

    • Pragasan Archary

      What does this mean

  4. Amit Banerjee

    Goods Job

  5. lata

    i would like to know the alpabetical letters for mithun rashi

  6. lata

    i would like to know the letters for mithun rashi

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