Lucky Chinese Numbers For 2014

Chinese numerology can find your lucky numbers or unlucky numbers for 2014-2015. Who doesn’t want to know their lucky numbers? This is chosen according to the rules of numerology but also must have sound that rhymes with positive words in the Chinese lexicon.

Chinese Numerology Calculator


Date of Birth

The lucky number is determined through the date of birth and the name of the seeker. Unless the name is changed the lucky number remains the same throughout life. Many customs and ways of behaving in the Chinese culture are based in lucky numbers.

Among Chinese, a lucky number does not bring fortune per se but rather is about satisfaction for the person. The understanding is that the number puts them at an advantage whenever the lucky number appears or is used in any aspect of life.

Examples would be a phone number, bills, the number of bills being used in a transaction, home, or vehicle plates. While in general even numbers are considered to be lucky and odd numbers to be unlucky there are exceptions due to the rhyming of the sound with a positive word.

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Lucky Number 2

There is in fact a Chinese saying “but good things always come in pairs”; this number is indicative of rebirth and harmony. Even gifts are given often in pairs. Many decorations are also seen paired. This is why you will also often see brand names may have double symbol and it carries the same significance.

Lucky Number 3

Though an odd number it is considered fortunate because they sound like the word for birth in Chinese.

Lucky Number 6

Lucky number six, the pronunciation of this number would translate as “does everything easily and smoothly”. This numbers are especially favorable to businessman and the number six stands for eye-catching as well.

Lucky Number 8

Number eight pronounced as Ba in Chinese has a similar sound to Fa and would mean wealth and prosperity. Eight is considered the luckiest of numbers for those in business and any combination of 8s is considered positive. For example a house numbered 888 would be considered a very good choice.


Lucky Number 9

9 sounds like the word for eternal so it is used as a lucky number suggesting long life. The number is often connected to weddings.

Lucky Number 13

Chinese Numerology Calculator


Date of Birth

Despite being an odd number the sound when said is very similar to what would mean definitely living which would be fortunate. When you we look at these beliefs it is common particularly among the young Chinese and lovers to send roses in the following number combinations: you are the only one I love – one rose, two for against the world, I love you – three roses, and nine indicates that love you forever.

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