Libra Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Libra Horoscope Predictions For 2014

The 2014 Libra horoscope forecasts that in the first months of 2014 the career pressure is extreme and you have to take great strides if you wish to be successful. After the middle of the year you will give more time to friends and family. Financial position will be stable with not many changes. This is not a year for serious romance.

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At the moment the Libra love horoscope 2014 does not show any strong inclination to love in the coming year. Do not get into any serious relationships.


horoscope 2014Should you want to spend time with your friends and just chill after mid-July, do not be surprised. Jupiter will be in your house of friends and activities for about a year. These are good times that are meant to be shared. The evening of July 24 is meant to be enjoyed with friends since the Libra zodiac has been non-stop at work so far this year.

September 25 favors travel and friends. People with whom you had lost touch may reach out to you. Retrograde Jupiter through much of December leads to a quieter time and friends come to you rather than you going to them.


You have been under scrutiny since June 2013 when Jupiter entered your house of career. Perhaps your boss has been busy with other projects. The job title is new, and the responsibilities are different, you’re working nonstop to retain the next level, or self-employment making every possible effort to make things work, to build your financial empire.

The career predictions 2014 for the Libra sun sign advice that the first of January might be a day to start a new business, to find yourself perhaps doing some selling on eBay, those would be things that you created or do not need; or things that with some attention can be, new objects of beauty.

The success and rewards will come to you and your hard work acknowledged and there maybe some extra surprises. April 18 will be a red letter day and is likely to stand out in your memory. Routines will change. New methods in your future will boost your productivity. Other days that may be important career wise are June 18.

Money / Finance

libra horoscopeIn October 2013 Saturn entered the second house of income. Saturn will not leave this house until December 2014 for this reason you will see no real change in your financial situation. Libra you are about to learn some very important lessons should you have been at all thoughtless about debt or saving. Think why you need to save. You may need to create a budget. It may even be a good time to find new financing for your mortgage and ways to bring in additional income, perhaps a second job.

The Libra money horoscope 2014 foretells that you have been suffering through having a very limited income for a very long time and when there has been an inflow of cash it’s been in very small increments. This has been the case for so long that you may in fact find it wise to continue reusing and recycling and reducing expenses whenever you can and always think of how to get the most out of things that you possibly can.

From March through July you will need to expect less money from your employment. In late July, you might actually feel like a huge winner as money starts coming in again. The lesson of this time period is that budgets are necessary. A budget is a guideline is not set in stone but can be a valuable tool to let us know when certain bills will become due and to know what our means are.


Mars will be in your house of personality till late July. Mars is our warrior and this will cause you to speak up to stomp your feet to yell to generally make a fuss. When Mars goes retrograde from March through late May this is going to be really awkward. You will in fact want to keep silent at this time. Control your stress and do not spoil your health over minor issues.

Librans, take control of your life after getting a clear insight into the New Year with this free Libra 2014 astrology prediction.

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