Leo Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Leo Horoscope Predictions For 2014

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2014 horoscope predicts that this year starts off on a positive note for the Leos. You have been more or less incommunicado since mid-June of 2013. Expect an energetic year full of vigor on all fronts. Surprisingly, this has not been a concern for you Leo. Through mid-July, there is to be a time of introspection, a review of the self, and resolution in some areas.

Jupiter has been in the Twelfth House of Secrets, the reason for your lack of availability. It may have been work that has kept you so busy that there has been no time to go out and chill. It might also be that your old haunts do not fit your new location; or the timing was not right for you as you were tired and a bit drained by your usually hyperactive social scene.


July 24 is a special day, when you can convince someone you are who they should love, according to the Leo love predictions for 2014. The friends that will bring you special joy just now are those who march to a different drummer. In August, you may bring something seriously beneficial into your existing relationship. New friends will inspire, and boost your sense of self. December, when Jupiter is retrograde will be a quieter time and you may review your style choices. You may also discover way to make your points more clearly. This is also a time to give thought to the needs of others.


2014 horoscopeAstrology forecasts 2014 show that from March to July with Saturn retrograde there may be delays in everything you do. A property sale, or renovation work, people might not complete work, or a roommate does not work out. Things are just awkward right now. Step children, may be a concern, but all these events will move forward, but not until the end of the year.

Costs of your home may increase, with a first or upgraded home, and you may choose to share living space for a time too to cut costs. There is also a chance that you may need a nursery at this time. You may inherit land, or club together to purchase land for investment purposes. In late December, a home office could be in the works. You might also plan to sell off things you neither need nor want.

Your heavy domestic burdens will become lighter in December 2014, A situation with a parent, your domestic life or land will resolve. This is thanks to Saturn in your House of Family and Home. You may have felt that there was nothing you could do in the domestic front. This when it changes will make you feel as if ten tons has been removed from your shoulders. But this time it has taught you a great deal and has helped you become strong in these areas.


Career 2014 astrology predictions for the Leo sun sign prove to be positive and beneficial. Work will be hectic but this has never stopped you from doing your best. Focus and patience will get you far ahead in 2014.

Money / Finance

It is possible that you may inherit some money. You may also receive good financial news or insights on June 6th. Try to make a budget and follow it.


leo horoscopeIf you have an emotional or mental situation out of the past that is troublesome to you, the first half of 2014 is a good time to seek a counselor. If there is someone you know in need of help, do the most you can. Listen for the little voice inside you that always seems to know what is right on May 6, 2014, and you may see an answer that can change your life. Fate appears to speak on that day.

Bring yourself to the primary position as Jupiter enters you house of personality in mid-June. Go and have yourself and polished until your appearance is glows, change your dress style until you feel just right. The confidence boost will show. Right now chances seem to follow you like a comet’s tail.

2014 horoscope predictions for the Leo zodiac sign forecast that you will have a wonderful year provided you leave behind all the unwanted baggage from the past years and move forward with a fresh and open mind.

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