Kumbha Rashiphal 2014 – 2015

KUMBHA Predictions For: Family | Career | Money | Love | Health

Kumbha Rashiphal 2015 Now Online!

2014 will be a year of gains for people of the Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius). Work and finance will improve. Money will come in from unexpected sources. Peaceful atmosphere at home is predicted. You will have no physical or mental health problems. Love will be blissful.

aquariusReligious pilgrimages are on the cards. Stability in business is forecast for 2014. This is the right time to find the right partner and tie the knot. Kumbh people will have a positive and beneficial year in 2014. Love and marriage will go hand in hand. Excellent job opportunities are predicted.

2014 is going to be the year of accomplishments for the Aquarian natives. Let’s explain why. Kumbh people are goal oriented by nature. And, the planetary patterns this year favors you in reaching your goals – professional or relating to your personal life.

Overall Kumbha 2014 predictions reveal mixed results. But, so far as matters of accomplishments of goals and materialization of dreams are concerned, planets and stars conspire to load you with success. Be it love or career, all your desires will be fulfilled. You just need to be alert and concentrate on the task at hand.


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    Please send the Kumbham rasi for this 2014.

  3. saddam ali

    this is not bad

  4. saddam ali


  5. Suhas Patil

    Wonderful, its nice to hear, lets hope for the good.

  6. adnaryanaparamathamapr

    i have from around fininancial problem from age of 18years up to now when i will be clear now my age is 52 last month i have last my elder son i cant take any bold discussions and i do not have any bad habbit like drinks or nonveg or smoking or any other habits but in i night i will get swetting. can you give me any solutions

  7. Subhash


    • shamayel nabi

      I can buy a Flat or not in 2014


    I have financial problems since 2014’may and right now I have no jobs and days going on very tricky and what is my future and solutions and also I am unmarried and my date of birth i 23rd August 1964 at 05.05 am

  9. Subhash

    I loose $ 45000.i no make it single cent to.what can I do.i sale my buisness to. I m upset.guide me please,thank s.

  10. Shubha

    Pls help me…my date of birth is… 28/10/1982 i have problem…

  11. Sanjay Bothra

    My financial & Health predictions
    DOB 13-11-1964
    TIME 10.30 am

  12. My love life is in trouble,almost its break up.wht can i do.its 9yrs relationshp.i hve a mangolik dosha bt i prevent that.

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