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Kataka Lagna – Cancer Rising

The ruling planet of Kataka Lagna is Moon.

Kataka Lagna is also known as Kark Lagna, Karkataka Lagna, Cancer Rising or Cancer Ascendant.


katakaRuled by the Moon, the traits of persons born in Kataka Lagna are highly unpredictable. Their behavior is easily manipulated by others without their knowledge. This may not match the situation and may not reflect their true persona. They look for directions from others in their day today activities. Sometimes they tend to be considerate and compassionate. They are endowed with a charisma of their own.

Individuals born in Kark Lagna will be devoted and determined but will be easily cheated. These people associate with wrong people. Their achievements are because of their whole hearted efforts in their endeavours. Emotions are kept away from their zeal to succeed and tough posture but their weakness cannot be hidden forever. They are homebound and like to run their businesses from home.

Cancer Rising people are likely to put on weight and will have a craving for people and substances. Culinary instincts are natural for these people.


Normally, Cancer Ascendant persons maintain good physical fitness. Likely ailments are connected with mind such as hypertension as well as with chest and digestive organs.


Persons born in Karkataka Lagna tend to attract older and more powerful partners and marriage will also be at a later age than normal. Normally family life will be excellent unless their hidden expectations cause problems.


Financially they have a successful life by their achieving their targets but their growing ambitions may cause hurdles.


Suitable professions are as Chefs, Architects, HRD Managers, Lawyers, Police and Marketing Professionals.

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