Gemini Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Gemini Horoscope Predictions For 2014

The coming year will be a financially beneficial year for the Gemini zodiac sign, according to the 2014 astrology predictions. Life will be very fast in all aspects. Career might need a lot of hard work and perseverance. Love relationships need a lot of work. Health will be governed by Saturn. Do not take too much stress.

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Love may also be fought with stress and arguments that may in fact be very serious, and could end relationships. Do not get into fights with your partner. Understanding and patience is required on your part. The Gemini 2014 love horoscopes prove that having an energetic year at times can create problems in relationships since you are always in a hurry!


Mid-July, with Jupiter moving into the Third House of Communication things will change a bit. Suddenly you will be on the run, errands, the phone, making notes, forever on the run. Take part in local events. If you have siblings give them some of your time. Believe it or not September 25 is going to be one of those days your ability to convince people to do anything, will be in play. The subject could be a trip.


gemini horoscope 2014Career horoscope 2014 forecasts that, new Internet marketing skills could also be useful as an example. If boredom is an issue for you Gemini, with your ability to take up new knowledge and curiosity learn something new. Publicity may come your way for your actions or for an area of interest. This then would be THE day to pitch a deal, or introduce a new idea. With Jupiter retrograde in December your powers of persuasion will be reduced. Things will not happen in a timely fashion. You send a document to Mary and John gets the message, that sort of thing, or the message is misinterpreted.

Saturn will be riding with you until late December, in your Sixth House of health and work. What you do will receive little in the way of appreciation or a pay increase, for very good work, until then. The boss who gives you nightmares: that is Saturn, the extraordinary; he sees as to be expected. You want a raise, provide, thesis level proof that you and you alone, improved the company!

Yet even with all this, the boss will spend his time telling you what you need to do better. As for those you work with, their mood there will not be good. If you are an entrepreneur out there on your own: you need good luck to deal with suppliers, employees or clients. The negative factors will be reintroduced to you by Saturn.

From early March to late July, your professional life is less productive than it should be, rules being hammered down, everyone out for themselves, and a retrograde Saturn to thank. This seems to be something that will follow if you change jobs, so work on ways to do what you do better than anyone else can.

Money / Finance

Gemini you may have noticed that there had been steady improvement in your economic status since mid-2013. You can thank Jupiter which has been in your Second House (Income) during this time. This has brought at least one raise, new clients, bonuses, rebates, refunds, extra commissions, great new possessions, and other pleasing financial gains.

Money horoscope for Gemini 2014 predicts that Jupiter will be continuing to assist you through July of 2014. Just keep tucking the money away. It is a time to seek information about how to make this money work for you and grow safely. The 24th of July is a special day for money. All the right connections will be there to allow you to make a super profit. The Sun will be in conjunction with Jupiter. It would be smart to calculate how best to use this day to gain the greatest benefit for yourself. There are a couple of other days that will have a great financial benefit for you Gemini, June 18 and May 6.



As Saturn is also influencing your health at the present, what you have ignored, may well appear. See your medical professionals. Cut out things you know you should and eat well but properly and do the exercises you should. Check if your bones are doing well, and your teeth don’t have any problems. If you are ill and the diagnosis is one that needs treatment, it will seem eternal. Should a diet be required, that may seem infernal without a sweetie in night. Follow this health horoscope 2014 and take the required precautions.

Gemini horoscope 2014 thus foretells in advance the good and bad effects of planet Saturn and Jupiter on your birth chart! Be aware of the coming year and work hard towards being successful and prosperous.

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