Tiger Horoscope 2014

Chinese Tiger Horoscope Predictions For 2014

Chinese Horse year 2014 will generally not be a very interesting year for the Tiger. There is no excitement in either your passionate life or your working life. But otherwise it will be quite positive. Do not lose heart for you might have new experiences in the most unusual circumstances.

This year will not be one time to bring your love life into its best focus. You may not express your affection clearly and your love life may become a little boring. When it comes to compatibility Tiger people will be drawn to those of the Horse, Dragon and Dog signs. However the Monkey, Pig and Snake will not draw you in a romantic fashion in 2014 predicts the Chinese Tiger love horoscope.

Should the Tiger not put their effort into work, they may lose out on chances to show their talents according to the 2014 career astrology forecasts. For Tigers who are working in the field of education they may find themselves in a new position. Chinese Tigers may even be a little grumpy in their personal lives this year and others may not be comfortable working with them.

Where money is concerned it is not a good time for purchasing land or for investing in something that is brand new.

In the year 2014 Tiger people may find themselves with an issue regarding hair and nails.

If in the horse year of 2014 you choose to take a major exam the results will be good and you will have the ability to continue in this field of study.

tiger horoscope


The Tiger is often seen as a symbol of power. The term was often used to describe important people in ancient times. There are Chinese myths and legends of Tigers fighting evil while hunting.


Tigers are very quick and enjoy a challenge and express themselves well. They are seen as loyal, brave and steady people. The Chinese Tiger animal sign person is very forthright easily gains the trust of others. It is in middle age that they will find their ups and downs but may still lead a happy life. Women Tigers are usually bright, intensely loyal and show great virtue.


The Tiger is somewhat selfish. They are good thinkers however if bored with a long-term task they can become short tempered. Often they do not take authority well. In some cases they may be overly quick in making a decision which will lead to a bad outcome. They may be disloyal and are often overconfident which may make getting the point across to others difficult and may block cooperation.

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