Snake Horoscope 2014

Chinese Snake Horoscope Predictions For 2014

In 2014 Year of the Chinese Wood Horse, Snake people in both work and home situations will be blessed with better courage and conviction. In broad strokes the 2014 Chinese Horoscope for the Snake foretells that you will follow the normal trends in all aspects this year.

It is quite likely that in this year you will find new member arriving in your family. Attractions toward Chinese Ox and Chinese Rooster people will occur in 2014 but you will find that the Chinese snake zodiac people have no interest in the Snake and Tiger people. A letter will bring about a strong emotional time that may fill your life with pleasures.

Bringing humor to a situation with a difficult person or an unhappy situation may allow you to deal more easily with the problem. There may be a need to push on current projects in order to be ready for a new opportunity in your professional life.

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Long-distance travel in May or June is likely. It could be either for your work or for a simple leisure trip.

To avoid stress and excessive wear on the body, meditation or an exercise such as yoga could help to relieve stress forecast your 2014 Chinese astrology predictions.

snake horoscope


In the Chinese zodiac, dragons lead the way and snake follows. But the snake is far less relevant than the Dragon. The snake is, somewhat evil, a little catty and mysterious. The snake is also short tempered and it has the ability to understand the herb lore. Some even believe that a snake located in the courtyard of their dwelling can bring to light.


Good tempered Snake asks little as he speaks well of others. They tend to be wise and extremely moral. Money is really important to Snake people. Snakes are the ones who will go out of their way to assist their fellow people. They commonly only surface when deeply determined and hate to be in the public eye. The snake in general often is deeply inspired by the world around. Women under this animal sign tend to be grumpy but excellent housewives.


The snake may be jealous and needs to exercise caution when bringing up issues with friends or cause the loss of friendship and lose a chance at good things in their lives. They are self-reliant but to others they seem willful. Their loyalty within marriage is questionable and other relationships may also have some difficulties.

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