Sheep Horoscope 2014

Chinese Sheep Horoscope Predictions For 2014

Overall the Chinese year of the Horse will be great for Sheep students. For the rest of you it will be a fairly blah year in terms of love and work life, predicts the 2014 Chinese Sheep Horoscope. Do not get bored with mundane stuff. This is the year to plan for the future.

In matters of love it is hard so you must take action and not wait. Where romantic connections are concerned Sheep or Goat people will be drawn to Chinese horses, rabbits and pigs. Love connections will not be likely with Chinese rats, dogs and ox people in this year.

Where health is concerned you might have stress and work hard because you are hurrying to complete a task. Do not neglect your health.

 In your workplace a jealous colleague may try to steal an important new contact you have created .Your career  astrology predictions show that if you are anticipating a promotion it may come quite soon as you expect. A person of the Horse sign may provide very strong competition in your work life.

The planets will favor your success in the area of education in the Year of Horse forecasts the Chinese zodiac predictions 2014 for the Sheep.

If you are made aware of a possible investment it is a good time to take a good look because such items may bring you good returns in the future.

sheep horoscope


Sheep are generally good-natured and tranquil and so they are well-liked by most. From an early age the Sheep continues to care about others and is interested in artistic pursuits. Generally Sheep people relate to good things in life.


Those born under the sign of the Chinese Sheep or Goat are usually warm-hearted, bright, well-mannered and very good by nature. They tend to live a retiring life with a great ability to see beauty around them. They have chosen a faith and that is their belief. They have the ability to see all sides of the situation and will be appropriately cautious in business dealings. Women of the sign are good caregivers but they must take action and keep their spirits high. They generally have very even features and a very pleasing appearance.


Chinese Sheep people can be very anxious folks. They have may have trouble making decisions and sometimes are easily led. Religion is often a major factor in their lives. They are in general folks who like to be cared for rather than totally independent. They may not be the most expressive in matters of the heart and have unusual interests.

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