Rooster Horoscope 2014

Chinese Rooster Horoscope Predictions For 2014

2014 Chinese horoscope predictions forecast that everything will be positive in almost all areas of Rooster zodiac sign’s life.

There will be many career opportunities for the Rooster in the business field this year. Due to either relocation or a change in job location you may very well find yourself moving this year. It is possible that a relationship with a colleague could blossom into more than just friendship.

A meeting that comes about purely by accident may lead to a long-term love connection. Where romance is concerned, the 2014 Rooster love astrology forecasts that there may be a conflict with an additional person in the mix. Astrology compatibility for Rooster people will be best with the Chinese Snake and Dragons signs. A connection is unlikely with those belonging to the Chinese Dog, Dragon and Rooster signs.

In the middle part of the year those studying abroad may find their chances opening.

In general the Rooster will have good health in 2014 with the possibility of some tummy upsets due to bad eating habits.

rooster horoscope


The Chinese Rooster is said to represent loyalty and promptness. Without an alarm clock the Roosters crowing awakened folks to start their day. The other symbolic meaning is that it can remove evil spirits. During the era of ancestor worship it was representative of the ancestor and the Chinese have always believed in fortune-telling.


Truthful intelligent able to communicate Roosters are generally warm-hearted thinkers. They are independent. Since most Roosters are attractive people they enjoy fussing over their clothing. They are often quick-tempered and usually very tidy. They are likely to take the lead and those who trail behind them irritate to them.


The enthusiasm of the people born in the Year of the Rooster may be a flash in the pan. Roosters may be a little off the beaten path and may not always relate well with others. They are opinionated and believe they are right. Both their fortune and their feelings swing from high to low. They are given to expressing their opinions to everyone else but will not accept an opinion from someone else. They are a little arrogant and are more likely to be successful but only when they speak sincerely from the heart.

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