Rabbit Horoscope 2014

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope Predictions For 2014

Chinese Horse year 2014 is a time for rabbit people to renew and change things in terms of both romance and work. The Chinese 2014 Rabbit horoscope predicts a year of new beginnings.

A strong ability in terms of intuition will let you make correct decisions in regard to work and romance in 2014.

Year of the Horse 2014 would be the time for a Rabbit person to discover that person that will make their life complete. Where romance is concerned you will be drawn to the Chinese Dog and Dragon. You will be less interested to have a love relationship with the Chinese Rat, Tiger and Rooster folks in 2014.

In early 2014 land investments will be to your benefit according to the 2014 Chinese astrology predictions. To do your very best work, do stick only to your specialized field. Midyear, rabbit people will find an excellent chance to change your work life.

Toward the months of November and December you may find yourself traveling outside the country together with your family.

For Rabbit people only minor aches and pains will affect your health during this year according to your health zodiac forecasts.

rabbit horoscope


For the Chinese the rabbit is a sign of hope. The Chinese moon goddess Ch’ang O has a rabbit as pet. The Chinese character for rabbit is part of the term for escape or leisure indicating both speed and distance. Traditionally pregnant women do not eat rabbit to avoid the child having a harelip. Newborns are shown illustrations displaying children and rabbits to indicate a happy and tranquil life.


Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle, compassionate, good-natured self-effacing and generally have a good memory. They tend to enjoy exercising humor in the communications. As they do not like a boring life they create their own spice. They dislike conflicts so deeply that they have the ability to make a friend of an enemy. They tend to be folks who enjoy entertaining and enjoy their home. Sometimes a little short tempered but they work quickly and effectively.


Sometimes the Rabbit animal sign people seem to lack judgment especially where a loss of money may affect their career. They tend to be loving and soft but being deeply stubborn at the core. They love romance hating a dull life. They may work only at the surface of an issue and never see the depth. And their tendency to be reserved may cost them good opportunities.

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