Pig Horoscope 2014

Chinese Pig (Boar) Horoscope Predictions For 2014

The general feel will be of balance for those born under the Chinese Pig or Boar sign in terms of wealth or health in 2014. However the Pig 2014 Horoscope does predict that there may be some points of challenge in both their love and career lives. But with your positive attitude success will be yours.

There will be extreme pressure in your work situation which may cause your relationships to play a secondary role in 2014. There is a very strong chance of conflict if you become involved with people of the Chinese Snake and Monkey signs during this Year of the Horse. As far as your Chinese compatibility is concerned the Pig people will do best with those born under the Chinese Rabbit and Sheep signs.

A time to begin a new job search or business would be in August and September when your outlook is very fortunate. If you have been working on a long-term project it will be completed and appropriate credit will be given to you forecasts the Chinese astrology predictions for 2014.

You may be forced to deal with a property matter; regarding a long standing dispute, this may be quite costly. Try to save for the rainy day whenever possible.

It is at a family celebration that you will have an excellent chance of finding your soul mate. So keep a lookout for your true love.

pig horoscope


While the Pig people not considered being as clever as the dog they do enjoy both sleeping and eating and often become stout. Usually they are seen to be both clumsy and lazy though the Pig / Boar has no intention to harm people. They can bring wealth to people. And at one time a Pig was seen in Chinese astrology as a symbol of wealth.


Those born in the Year of the Pig are generally seen as courteous, considered very truthful and outspoken. With their innate strength they tend to go their own way with their common appearance and strong heart. The Chinese Pig Zodiac is not always obvious in his virtues especially as a friend until you come to know him. They may be quick-tempered but generally avoid conflict. Where there is conflict they’re not afraid to deal with it and usually find a way to work the situation out. The Pig animal sign people prefer truth and treat their friends with honesty. Those that they love they treat well and most born under the sign of Pig sleep well.


Sometimes because of their own honesty they may not see a trap when somebody is being less than honest. While their loyalty to friends is undivided they may have a limited group of friends. They may at times act without thought and can be bit hot tempered. They may have some difficulties expressing what they were thinking to others. If they get into mischief such as a practical joke they may have difficulty seeing the limit beyond which they should not go.

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