Ox Horoscope 2014

Chinese Ox (Cow) Horoscope Predictions For 2014

In the Chinese Year of the horse 2014, the folks in the Ox zodiac sign will have a good year especially due to an excellent performance at work predicts the Ox 2014 Chinese Horoscope.

In the latter part of 2014 there could be a love triangle. Fidelity will give you the opportunity to avoid conflict caused by an additional person in your love life predicts your 2014 love forecasts. For those born in the sign of the Ox or Cow compatibility will be strongest with those from the Monkey, Rabbit, and Rat signs. Equally you will not be able to connect well with Dragon and Sheep folks.

It is necessary that you retain your temper especially in a family situation and allow the issue to be settled effectively. Resolve misunderstandings with a calm mind.

If the Ox is given a particularly important assignment this year they will be successful perhaps even promoted provided there is a cash incentive. For those seeking to attend higher education institutes there may be a delay due to missing documentation according to the 2014 Chinese zodiac predictions.

ox horoscope


The second animal in the Chinese zodiac; the Ox / Cow is commonly used to represent something very large. He is a direct, honest creature. Difficult people are said to have an oxen temper.


The Chinese Ox animal sign is a steady worker. They are really cautious, industrious and usually very steady. Most have a good gift for learning and great self- knowledge. They are not readily distracted but follow the line of work. They are given to considering before taking action. Women of the Ox Chinese astrology sign generally make good spouses and parents. Most often they are goodhearted, relatively even-tempered and forthright. Most are conservative and place great value on family and honor in work.


The Ox may not express himself/herself well. The Ox zodiac does not see talent in himself which can help in his leadership role. They can be standoffish, rarely feminine but they are dull. Those born under the Year of the Ox sign tend to be quiet and are generally not great speakers but tend to stick to their old ways. However old-age is often a happy time for these folks.

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