Dog Horoscope 2014

Chinese Dog Horoscope Predictions For 2014

2014 Chinese Dog predictions forecast that this year will be good for you in matters of love but not very lucky when it comes to career and finance. Maintain a tight control over your purse strings and everything will turn out fine.

The person whom you have affection for will return that affection without large expense on your part. A tour with your beloved may very well be in the cards during November and December if you were born under the sign of the Chinese Dog. Chinese dog people will find the best connection in love to be with Chinese Tiger, Horse, Rabbit in 2014. Any attempted love connection with the Chinese Dragon, rooster, and Rat will not be successful.

Chinese zodiac Dog horoscope foretells that they may find that in career they have difficulty satisfying their employer who is looking for greater creativity and innovation in 2014. If you are seeking a job, the correct opportunity may not appear until the end of the year. You may be recognized for work that you have done in a charitable field although it was done only recently.

The Chinese year 2014 will tend to have many drains on your finances and may be quite costly predict your finance astrology forecasts.

Your health may require a fairly large expenditure in the year of the Chinese Horse.

dog horoscope


The Chinese dog sign will befriend people without any inhibitions as to whether the person is wealthy or not. It is seen as an animal sign bearing fortune by the Chinese. A stray dog that comes to a home is usually adopted as it is a symbol of coming financial success. Black poodles are even more fortunate. Some of the immortals of legends have also had a dog to which they were masters.


Those born in the Dog year come straight to the point. In both love and work they exercise loyalty, bravery, intelligence and warmth. They know how to keep quiet and are able to inspire confidence in others. They will stick to their guns in regard to those things they believe is right. Those born under the sign of the dog make good leaders. Once their heart is stolen they would not change it for the world.


Many women born under the sign of the dog may be called distant although they are physically appealing. Often they will be sharp tongued and have an ability to find a flaw in everything. They may be highly active and somewhat uneven in temper.

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