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Mesha Lagna is also known as Mesh Lagna, Aries Rising ,or Aries Ascendant.

The ruler of Mesha Lagna is Mars.


mesha By nature a person born in Mesha Lagna will be forthright and candid. Hence people will have faith in what they say. They will have a dynamic personality and will like to be in control of situations always. Their bravery will make them take up challenging and risky jobs. They tend to overreach without taking into account their limitations because of their enthusiasm. Their impatience will make it difficult for them to remain focused in a particular project.

 By mood Aries Rising people will be cheerful and keep everyone in high spirits. They will have a magnetic personality and will draw persons from the opposite sex effortlessly.

Aries Ascendant individuals  have a wavering mind which requires to be stabilized. This mental instability will induce unnecessary tension.  Mars will make them aggressive in their behavior. They will have the strength to conquer their enemies by their bravery.


There is hardly any serious threat to them on the health front. Minor ailments like migraine headaches, fever, injury to head and insect bites are likely.

They have to take suitable foods which will not aggravate their temperament. Their emotional weakness will create problems with their nervous system in old age. This can be avoided by resorting to relaxation techniques from the beginning of their lives.


These persons will have no problem with earning money but they are unable to save it for the rainy day. Unless they inculcate the habit of saving money, they will be struggling financially.


 They have a loving nature and their family life will be excellent, provided they do not allow their aggressive temperament to spoil the harmony.


 People born in Mesha Lagna are very good thinkers but lag behind when it comes to execution of their projects. They excel in their professions in spite of continuous stress. Careers suitable for them are Planners, Administrators and Managers.

Mesha Lagna – Aries Rising

Mesha Lagna is also known as Mesh Lagna, Aries Rising ,or Aries Ascendant. The ruler of Mesha Lagna is Mars. Nature By nature a person born in Mesha Lagna will be forthright and candid. Read More

Vrishabha Lagna – Taurus Rising

The ruling planet of  Vrishabha Lagna is Venus. Vrishabha Lagna is also known as Taurus Rising, Vrishabh Lagna, Rishabha Lagna or Taurus Ascendant. Nature  Persons born in Vrishabha Lagna are by nature very affectionate, highly emotional and will be cool and collected. Read More

Mithuna Lagna – Gemini Rising

The ruling planet is Mercury. Mithuna Lagna is also known as Mithun Lagna, Gemini Rising, Gemini Ascendant. Nature Mercury gives a highly flexible personality. Read More

Simha Lagna – Leo Rising

  The ruling planet of Simha Lagna is Sun. Simha Lagna is also known as Leo Ascendant or Leo Rising Nature Sun symbolizes ego and determination. People born in Simha Lagna try to dictate others and their word will be the last word on everything. Read More

Kataka Lagna – Cancer Rising

The ruling planet of Kataka Lagna is Moon. Kataka Lagna is also known as Kark Lagna, Karkataka Lagna, Cancer Rising or Cancer Ascendant. Nature Ruled by the Moon, the traits of persons born in Kataka Lagna are highly unpredictable. Read More

Kanya Lagna – Virgo Rising

The ruling planet of Kanya Lagna is Mercury. Kanya Lagna is also known as Virgo Rising or Virgo Ascendant. Nature Planet Mercury makes people born in Kanya Lagna very loquacious and they enjoy spreading rumours. Read More

Thula Lagna – Libra Ascendant

The ruling planet of Thula Lagna is Venus. Thula Lagna is also known as Libra Rising or Libra Ascendant. Nature Venus endows people born under this lagna passion and personal charm. Read More

Vrischika Lagna- Scorpio Rising

Vrischika Lagna is also known as Scorpio Rising or Scorpio Ascendant The ruling planets of Vrischika Lagna are Mars and Pluto. Nature Planet Mars symbolizes the fighting qualities of a soldier while Pluto stands for change. Persons born under Scorpio Rising will be determined with full of vigour and pursue tough jobs which test their mental and physical capabilities. Read More

Dhanu Lagna – Sagittarius Rising

Dhanu Lagna is also known as Dhanus Lagna, Dhanushya Lagna, Sagittarius Rising. The ruling planet of Dhanu Lagna is Jupiter. Nature Jupiter signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence and good luck. Read More

Makara Lagna – Capricorn Rising

Makara Lagna is also known as Makar Lagna, Capricorn Rising or Capricorn Ascendant.  The ruling planet of Makara Lagna is Saturn.  Nature Saturn symbolizes long life, restraint and organization. Read More

Kumbha Lagna – Aquarius Rising

The Ruling planets of Kumbha Lagna are Saturn and Uranus. Nature Planet Saturn signifies destiny, constraint and refinement while planet Uranus controls setbacks and disorders in life. These planets make persons born under Kumbha Lagna unpredictable but still creative and with lot of focus in whatever they do. Read More

Meena Lagna – Pisces Rising

Meena Lagna is also known as Meen Lagna, Pisces Rising or Pisces Ascendant. The ruling planet of Meena Lagna is Neptune and Jupiter. Nature Neptune symbolizes fantasy and visualization while Jupiter gives motivation and excitement. Read More