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Capricorn Horoscope 2014 Predictions

Capricorn Horoscope Predictions For 2014

The Capricorn 2014 horoscope predicts that you are feeling open-handed and is offering a marvelous opportunity in your sex life and in your access to financial benefits from others. Sex, money and power will fall into your hands on 24 July. Capricorn you’ll discover a hidden wealth of joy, the ability to forgive and true generosity, just what Capricorn sun sign is noted for, and this may lead you take that gamble of marriage. Health will be excellent.



Capricorn zodiac sign people are cynical about love; till they fall. Yes, Capricorn will do almost anything for their beloved. For the first six months of 2014 Jupiter will remain in your house of relationships. One of the skills you have learnt as children is to share. Stop feeling what is mine is mine and what’s yours is yours; because within a couple you must share. Your sexual partners may also choose to part from you in December.

If you are planning to stay single, you may change your mind, predicts you love horoscope. Rough patch in your marriage? There may be greater comfort in your married life this year. April 18 has Jupiter being blessed by Venus and this is the day to make a new love connection. Even if you have been married for years perhaps a renewal of the vows would be appropriate. Other special days in regard to relationships would be May 6 and June as this will be a time of almost perfect attunement.



Saturn entered your house of friends in group activities in October 2014 and this may have made you feel that your friends have become very limited in number. In late December you’ll find that many of your friends have gone against you. Those who are false will go and the true will remain. The 2014 Capricorn horoscope foretells that the mere acquaintances are gone. Some have simply moved away or on to another place physically or from your life.

During the time that your friends have been weeded out you may not have been seeking new ones, and having doubts as to who you would want to add to your group of friends. Also making new friends is hard work at any time. Saturn makes everything hard work as this planetary influence wants you to work hard to earn things.

About mid-November there may be a small get together with your intimate friends and family. Any connection make today will be lifelong and should there be an attraction to a new potential partner, it could be very difficult to resist.

Saturn is retrograde from early March through July during which time those who have been out of touch may reach you once again and some may simply drop out of your life. Should you be trying to organize a social event you may find endless difficulties and find yourself needing to be on top of every detail.


On August 18 or September 25 it could be that those who know you or some of your suppliers could provide you with a huge win. During the time Jupiter is retrograde. Since you are always conscious you will detect undercurrents in body language, looks and even comments that could be interpreted quite differently than the surface and these will help you find out who and what you want. Saturn is exercising his power by limiting you to those things which are either good or of value to you, be it people, employment or deals.


Money / Finance

The 2014 Capricorn money predictions forecast that in the middle of the year Jupiter enters the house of shared resources were Scorpio rules. Financial opportunities will be there. Possible inheritance or refund or magnificent dividend from a group investment should become available or a loan with interest should work out.

Your talent for finding useful people has always been incredible but now they will come to you for financial help. In December 2014, your finance horoscope warns you to avoid financial matters save for the day-to-day issues as there could be a hidden factor that would be very negative.


Capricorn health astrology predictions forecast that your might suffer from some bone related problems. Overall health will be excellent. Maintaining a healthy diet is absolutely essential for your well being in 2014. Do not neglect health symptoms and take action before it is too late.

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