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The Rashi calculator can find your moon sign in seconds! Your Rashi (Rasi) or Vedic moon sign is essentially the zodiac sign where the moon was positioned at the time of your birth. Also known as moon sign, Rashi is instrumental in calculating your Vedic astrology predictions.

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12 Rashis

The 360 degrees of the zodiac are divided into 12 Rasis, each of 30 degrees. The names of the Rashis are listed below:

Mesha (Aries), Vrishaba (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrischika (Scorpio), Dhanus (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), Meena (Pisces).

Almost all important Jyotish calculations for Bhavishya or future forecasts depend on Rashi calculation. Be it drawing your Janma Kundli or horoscope to planetary transits, periods, decanates, planetary influences, the moon sign is an integral part of all zodiac predictions.  Check your Rashi easily now using this free Rasi finder. All you need to do is input your birth details like date, time, place of birth and your Rashi prediction is just a click away!

Your Rashi is the most important point in your Kundli or horoscope. It is the factor that reflects your personality and also indicates the key elements that manoeuvre your life’s ups and downs.  Your moon sign not only gives you an insight into your future and your personality but can also be used on a day-to-day basis for  auspicious rituals and ventures. Let us help you find your Rashi or Vedic astrology moon sign and know more about the characteristic personality traits of people under different Rashis (Rasis).

Finding out your Rashi or Moon sign according to Hindu astrology was never this easy. Use this online Janma Rasi Calculator to know which Rashi you belong to. It is an easy to understand tool that offers instant results. So, if you don’t know your Rashi yet, try this Rashi Calculator now! All you need to do is put in your date of birth details and you will get a reading instantly!

Click Here >> Rashi 2014 for the 12 Rasi signs!


  1. kiran adagale

    wats my rasi

  2. Anupam Anshu

    Whatismyrashi isn’t able to calculate the Rashi… it has some DB issue, please fix it.

    • Admin


      The Rashi Calculator issue has been fixed.

      • shaik mohammed danish

        what is my rashi? plz answer me

  3. Arpan nag

    What is my ….

  4. Admin



    DATE OF BIRTH:29/10/1992
    TIME: APROX.9:40 PM



    Sir/Madam, I am not able to find my Rasi and Nakshatra Predictions 2014 because I don’t know the correct time and Latitude ,Longitude and my date of birth is 25/11/1987

    • Admin

      You can find the latitude and longitude for the place of birth using Google.

  7. pooja

    please…tell me my rashi….?

  8. dimpol

    wats my rashi

  9. shrinivas

    hi, my DOB is 31/12/1991, time:- 23:55 according to your site, my rashi is Libra rashi… I don’t know that it’s true or not…. but all description given by you is perfectly matched to my life…..! thanx

  10. Sunny

    what is my Rasi DOB-02.apr. 1988.
    Please tell me.

  11. soumik Dutta

    Soumik Dutta , June,7,1994,…@ 4.45 minutes & west degree ,,,,,please tell my reshi??

  12. Ritika Pal

    my dob 12oct1988, time 10pm
    please tell me ki mere ko ek achi job kab milegi. i m waiting many time.

    • ajay pal


      you got it if u study hard :)

  13. jaswant singh

    what is my future

  14. Deepak kumar Behera

    I want my rasi name my bob-27th sept 1988 at morning 4.45am

  15. sri ramanan

    MY DOB 12/08/1979 TIME:4.07am Please tell me my rashi and Nakshatra.in tamil.

  16. sri ramanan

    my dob 12/08/1979 time 4.07 taiping perak pls tell me my rashi and Nakshatra.

  17. maria wendy dangalan

    pls. calculate my rashi!

  18. sneha tribhuvan

    Hi , m DOB is 02.o3.1994 , TIME is 2.oo. wts m rashi ?

  19. Ravneet kaur

    Plz calculate my rashi my born is 15 august 1998

  20. A K SINGH

    my Daughters DOB is 15.10.2002 at 5.30 pm
    and her name is Neha singh

    calculate the rashiphal


  21. Radhey shyam

    vill,asleempur post Hinghwhera Teh.Tijara

  22. shyam

    i am also a astrologer i want wark with you

  23. durgesh brahamane

    name sarch


    Les agradezco calcular NACIMIENTO 29 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 1951
    Bogotà Colombia


    DOB- 08.12.1993. 12.30A.M.

  26. Ganpat Singh rajpurohit

    My bod 27:01:1982 morning 7:00 please rasi & nakshatra

  27. sumon talukder

    what is my Rasi

  28. chandramouli puli

    my D.O.B 20september1989 i want to know my rasi

  29. Amit

    Date of birth is 10 december 1980 timing 10:55 P.M
    place of birth = Ambernath dist Thane
    what will be my rashi ratan according to DOB.
    tell me when i will get settle in my life my own house vechile what should do job or business .I am B.com.
    Paassing year 2002. can u give information regarding my future . please mail
    me at simply.amit25@gmail.com

  30. Arasan

    What is my rasi Mesha or Mahara. Pls answer me Sir/Madam

  31. preetam Rauthan

    my date of birth 18 February 1992. time 10am
    Meri Rashi kya hogi

  32. parimal ganai

    plz send my rashi

  33. Hareeshkumar Kumar

    What is my future jobs finance


    dob 20.02.1972 b-place Pune b-time 7.05am
    detailed rashi bhavishya alongwith career and family life

  35. dev prasad sharma

    my date of birth is 1978-12-18 in nepal. i wana a rasi plz

  36. kunal kumar singh

    whaj is my rashi o1/7/89 ramgarh india 1.55 AM

  37. mahesh tiwari

    I want to know my girl friend’s rashi.
    name- Poonam Shukla
    Place of Birth- Uttar Pradesh(pratapgadh)
    Time of birth- don’t know

  38. Sunil Bhati

    I like this but facing some problem to fill rashi calculator how can i fill this

  39. Sir or mem my date of birth is 1-9-1983 in mid of night near 12:15 in new delhi sufdurjung hospital that hospital comes in south delhi —i have no other information can u tell me what will be my rashi and what stone will be good for me it will be very good for me if u will mail me all of my query

  40. srishti

    i want to know my rashi my DOB is 4-9-1989

  41. netaji DOB 4th march 1975 time 16.40pm mudhol

    what is my financail position this year , is it better than last year, am i going to build own house this year,

  42. anitha

    my dob:mar 8th 1991, birth time:4.10, i want to know about my marriage

    • Gyaan

      You have a lot of time don’t think about it now.

  43. Ranjeet

    What’s my rashi

  44. pankaj yadav

    Dob 30/07/1985 at 0700 hrs morning place village simrauli hapur ghaziabad up send about my future

  45. Mamta

    my dob is 6 March1985 Time 12 0,clock i want to know my rashi

  46. sandhya

    my DOB is 18-02-1979 and my rashi is tula i want to know what dasha i m having now

  47. AMAL RAY

    I am Amal Ray. DoB-02/06/1983 jhargram.
    plz calculate my rashiphal.

  48. Nirmal Singh

    Sir my son s’dob 08 . 12 .2008 plz calculate rashi ..timd12.20 am

  49. kulvinder kaur

    Name.kulvinder kaur
    Husband name:Vicky Singh
    Ques:i wanna know about baby.In which year we will get baby? Plzzzzzzzz tell me

  50. sheshnath sharma

    what is my rashi

  51. anil sonar

    mera shadi kav hoga or mera life partner kesa hogi??????

  52. abhijeet dhanak

    merko job kab milega or meri shadi kab hogi mai dikhne mai kala hu pan meri life partner kesa hoga jaldi reply karo mera dob 22dec1994 mera janm kashti mai thik 8:00pm hua

  53. Narvadeshwer Upadhyay

    Date of birth 15 march 1992 time 4:15 min subha din and day is Sunday. Rashi batana plz..



  55. punaji thakor

    What’s my rashi??
    My dob 25/09/88 time 6:09 Am

  56. Harveer singh chauhan

    hi my name is harveer singh chauhan what is my rashi fal

    • chandrakala

      hi my name is chandrakala what is my rashi fal

  57. sukhjinder kaur

    I don’t know what is my rashi my d.o.b 23.11.1979 pls tell mi what is my rashi


    Date of birth…17Jan 1986
    Time….2100 hrs
    Birth place….Bogana, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Please tell me what is my rashi name…..

  59. sandeep

    hello admin?? where did you find this programming code to calculate the rashi and nakshatra by inputting the date and time!! help me out bro… am a programmer

  60. Ravishankarbabu

    pls say my rashi sir

    • Ravishankarbabu

      sir say me sir im waiting for u

  61. laxmi

    Want to know my hindu rashi

  62. laxmi

    What is my rashi

  63. daxa dholakiya

    Plz say my rasi ….sir..

  64. prabir Dalal

    my DOB is 31st December Tuesday on 3:30 a.m on 1975. Please tell me my rashi.

  65. prabir Dalal

    my DOB is 31st December Tuesday on 1975 .3:30 a.m. place is Nadia. Please tell my rashi.

  66. mahaboobbasha

    What is my rasee and what is my luck stones

  67. Manjur Alam

    What is my rasee and what is my luck?

  68. Angad mustkeem

    Hi admin,
    How to calculate my rashi if I don’t know exact time of birth.
    I have two rashi one according to my name and second according to my DOB which one I should use. Please tell me.

  69. Angad mustkeem

    How to calculate my rashi if I don’t know exact time of birth.
    I have two rashi one according to my name and second according to my DOB which one I should use. Please tell me.

  70. Angad mustkeem

    How to calculate my rashi if I don’t know exact time of birth.
    I have two rashi one according to my name and second according to my date of birth which one I should use. Please tell me.

  71. amit ghosh

    my job? Date-14/11/1994 time-2.30p.m

  72. susma

    thank u for tell my Rashi

  73. deepak

    I want to my Rashi. MY date of birth 24-3-1989 . day- friday
    I born something 11:00 pm

  74. Pradeep Gohel

    Name- Pradeep M Gohel
    D O B – 23/9/1976
    Birth time – 8:15 p.m
    Birth place – Mumbai
    What’s my rashi ?
    Will I get a government job in teaching field?
    Please reply

  75. Urmila sharma

    Plz suggest me rashi my dob is 12/12/1979

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